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Apr 6, 2021

Hey, fam. I wrote this song last night and got a chance to record it this morning. My voice has changed a lot because of my vocal cord injuries (self-inflicted--I extubated myself twice in the ICU). I'm definitely an alto now :) and I have been enjoying the personal side of relationship with Jesus recently. So, that is what this song is about. It's called "Jesus Tender" which IS NOT, in fact, a piece of chicken wrapped in Jesus. But I do enjoy a good poultry joke. 

The words: 
Jesus tender, you're my refuge
Jesus, my friend, you are my joy
Jesus, here, I'm secure
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid

And I sing for you're near me
And I cry, tears roll down my face in laughter
And I love your smile, bright as the sunrise
You are my one heart's desire, Jesus

You are enough for me
You are my joy
You never leave me
I am safe, safe here with you